The gifts from our Alternative Gift List will provide much-needed care packages for families to use in their homes. These packages are regularly delivered to homes in by CCD staff and are always greatly appreciated by struggling households.


This gift provides a mixture of food and household items for large and extended families living together. This gift strengthens home life for children, parents and grand-parents.


*The following items are examples of what we regularly provide to families. The exact items distributed may vary and are subject to availability and the individual needs of each family.


✓ Dried noodles

✓ Milk powder

✓ Tinned goods

✓ A sack of rice

✓ A tray of eggs

✓ Cooking oil

✓ Laundry powder

✓ Nappies

✓ Cleaning products

✓ Bottled water

✓ Medicines

✓ Baby lotion*


Large Family Package

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Care Package
£50.00monthly/ auto-renew