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9 Tips for Fundraising at Home

Yes, that's right - you can support For Life Thailand from the comfort of your sofa!

During lock-down, many people want to help raise money for charities but struggle to think of ways to help when stuck indoors and unable to meet up with groups of friends and family. Here we have a list of tips on how you can get fundraising at home. If Captain Tom can do it then so can you!

1. Use a theme relating to your chosen charity.

  • This helps you to pick a more unique idea, tailored to the cause. For example, when fundraising for For Life Thailand is there a Thai theme you can think of? Can you cycle the distance from London to Bangkok on an exercise bike? Organise an online Thai cook-a-long with friends?

2. Use your skills.

  • Are you good at painting, yoga or cooking? Use those skills to motivate your fundraising ideas - you can set challenges and activities doing almost anything!

3. Do something you enjoy.

  • Don't decide to run 10k if you hate running, choose something which you'll have fun doing. Enthusiasm and enjoyment are a huge part of successful fundraising.

4. Do your research.

  • Try to think up a range of ideas to make sure the fundraising challenge is right for you. Look online at others doing similar activities and see how it has worked out for them.

5. Set a target.

  • People are much more likely to give to a challenge with a target! Do you think you can raise £100? £500 £1,000 or more? Set a realistic goal and encourage your supporters to help you get there.

6. Go Virtual.

  • You can do your fundraising live through platforms like Facebook Live or HouseParty, or set up a virtual event through Zoom. You can get people to join in on TikTok or post live updates on Instagram Stories. Virtual fundraising is a great way to get others to cheer you on - and even join in!

7. Promote your fundraising.

  • Do you have access to the email addresses of friends or are you better with social media? Does your work allow you to promote fundraising to fellow colleagues? They may even have a matched-giving scheme. Think of how you can get the widest reach across your networks.

8. Set up a donation page.

  • Work out how you want to get your donations. Are people going to donate directly to the charity or will you have a fundraising page? We suggest using JustGiving - and you can set up a fundraising page here:

9. "Donate" your birthday!

  • Facebook allows you to set up Birthday Fundraisers where you can ask your friends to donate to charity instead of giving cards and presents. This is a quick and easy way to raise funds through Facebook. Select "For Life Thailand" as your chose charity when setting up a Birthday Fundraiser!


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