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A Rehabilitation Success Story

Man-U (named after his family's favourite Premiership football team) has been in specialist care with CCD since November 2016. His mother and elderly grandmother reached out to CCD when Man-U was 2-years-old, as they were struggling to take care of him whilst working and looking after older children and a new-born baby.

Man-U was not showing signs of development, such as being able to sit up, stand and talk like his peers, and the family were worried that they couldn't give him the care he deserved. They considered many options, including sending Man-U to a government home for children with disabilities. CCD built a trusting relationship with his mother and offered him a place at the Rainbow House residence, where he could live whilst receiving rehabilitative therapy. This would hopefully help him to reach his full potential and eventually lead to enrolment in school alongside other children his age.

When Man-U arrived he showed signs of significant delayed development and physical impairment. He could not stand up or walk by himself and his communication was very limited. Thanks to the hard work and care of the physiotherapy team at CCD, within one year Man-U was able to walk, interact with carers and play with other children.

Although Man-U lived at Rainbow House, his mother and grandmother kept regular contact; visiting him often and participating in parent-child activities where possible. They are kind and loving caregivers, who only want what is best for Man-U.

In 2018, Man-U was moved from the rehabilitation programme to the New Hope Nursery, to prepare him for entering school. At aged 5, Man-U enrolled in a local mainstream school. Despite the amazing leaps he had made, as the term progressed, it became clear he was encountering learning difficulties and, unfortunately, the school were unable to accommodate his needs.

The CCD team were heartbroken for Man-U, but did not give up, and after researching local schools, found him a place nearby that was much better equipped to suit his needs.

At the end of 2022, Man-U’s mother felt able and confident enough to offer Man-U a safe and supported home. She has found him a school near to the home with special needs teachers to support his learning journey.

This is such an incredible success story for CCD, not only with the improvements made for Man-u’s development, but being able to integrate a child back into the education system, and reunite them with their family, thus avoiding institutionalisation.


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