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Raising money by running

Denise Taylor tells us why she chose to raise money for For Life Thailand

During lockdown, one of our supporters, Denise, decided she’d do something she swore she’d never do; run a marathon!

She had taken up running a few years ago wanting to get fit but the next thing she knew she’d persuaded a friend to apply for the Brighton Marathon with her and they were in!

As it was such a big thing to her she wanted do it for a cause that was close to her heart, and following her employment with CCD many years and keeping track of our progress, she decided to run for our very own charity For Life Thailand.

Denise told us that training for the marathon was tough both mentally and physically. “Getting up on a Sunday morning and running 15 to 20 miles is hard, but I am pretty single minded, and once I got out the door, I knew all I had to do for the next few hours was to put one foot in front of the other. I couldn’t do anything else, so I just did that.”

Some of the course was tough, she told us, but stopping was never an option to her so she ran the whole way, and even found time to cheer other people on and sing along to her music on her special playlist. I’d started!

Getting people to sponsor her was quite tough, but she came up with incentives by doing raffles with gifts donated to her by a number of companies.

Her story is very special to us and we’re delighted firstly with the amount and effort she went to raise it, and secondly that she chose us to run for.

Thanks Denise!



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